What Is Solitaire Atlantis?

If you still haven't played Solitaire Atlantis, it isn't too late to start. The free online skill game brings a creative twist to the classic solitaire and promises to provide hours of enjoyment. The challenging undersea adventure features beautiful graphics, exciting extras, and can be enjoyed directly in your web browser through Facebook.

How to Play

This popular pastime is played with two standard decks and follows the rules of traditional TriPeaks. The hidden cards remain face down until they can be placed onto the face up pile. To move one to the pile, it must be one number higher or lower than the one on top, regardless of suit or color. You should always choose carefully to achieve the goal before you reach the end of the level. The best strategy is to create the longest sequence possible before drawing another card.

The Object

To win, you must find the hidden Goal Cards and move them to the face up pile before the level is over. If you use the entire draw pile without uncovering the Goals, you will lose a life and will have to try the level again. When you rescue the hidden ones in time, you are rewarded with coins and can move on to the next phase of the adventure. The challenge is deciding which cards you should play to uncover the Goals as fast as possible.

Using the Joker

The joker adds some excitement to your game and makes it easier to win when you use it strategically. This wild card can assume any value in the deck and may be used to extend a sequence or to remove a single card when you have ran out of other options. You can purchase extra jokers with the coins you earn for completing each level.

In-Game Bonuses

One of the most popular features in Solitaire Atlantis is the availability of unique bonuses that can be played within any level. There are 4 different bonus opportunities that can be activated while you play. You are given some cash to purchase these boosts, but you'll need to use them wisely because your cash resources are limited. You can always buy extra cash and coins through the Facebook page.

Other Features

Like most Facebook apps, there are several social aspects to this version of solitaire. Not only can you share your scores and achievements with your friends, you can give and receive gifts that will help you pass additional levels. You can also use the coins that you earn to unlock additional bonuses and power-ups, like extra jokers and such. If you lose a life, it will eventually reappear so you can keep enjoying the game.

Easy Excitement

There are hundreds of free games available online and quite a few that are available on Facebook. If you're looking for something that is fun and relaxing, but still provides a challenge, Solitaire Atlantis will keep you entertained for hours.

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